Liquid Filters

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Liquid Process filters are used to separate solids from liquids, improving the liquid’s quality. The liquid may be the end product, used in the production of another product, or the by-product of a process that needs to be cleaned up for disposal. Waco can provide a wide variety of separation products for various markets including Food & Beverage, Fuel & Chemical, Water Treatment, Potable Water, Waste Water, and General Industrial.

Liquid Filtration Products:

  • Pleated Cartridges
  • Bag Filters
  • String Wound
  • Meltblown Depth
  • High Flow
  • Capsule Filters

Global Filter’s GHLS-Series

Pleated Depth Filter with Pleat and Media Designed for Thick Liquids

Waco Filters now offers Global Filter’s GHLS-Series, a newly developed media and pleat design for high-performance depth filtration and pleated depth filtration which is offered polypropylene media and can be used in viscous or thick liquid filtration applications.

GHLS-Series media is thicker than typical polypropylene media to provide high retention and holding capacity, the pleat is designed to increase throughput.

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