Product Availability and COVID-19


As global supply chains have been affected with the continued spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), our Filtration Group Process Technologies business unit which is inclusive of the Amafilter, Facet, Jonell Systems, Kaydon Filtration, LFC Lochem, and Waco brands, has been diligently working to mitigate the risks associated with current events and the potential impact they could have on our ability to supply our filtration solutions to the markets we serve.

We understand the importance that our filtration solutions and services play in your day-to-day operations and have taken precautions to thoroughly evaluate our current product supply and supply chain. We are confident at this time, with the strong supply chain each of our brands have, that we do not anticipate experiencing disruption in the supply of products to our customers.

As the coronavirus pandemic is a continually evolving situation, we are actively monitoring our current and global supply and are maintaining frequent communication with suppliers to ensure we react as appropriate to provide the continued supply of product necessary to meet the market’s needs.

In addition to this effort we are also taking proactive measures to protect the health and safety of our employees and prevent adverse effects on our ability to deliver product.Some examples of these actions include limiting access of visitors to our plants, encouraging employees to take appropriate preventative measures, and encouraging meetings to be scheduled via web-conference rather than face-to-face.

Our brands have a long-standing history in the markets we serve and have faced a variety of challenges being global suppliers of filtration technologies over the years. We will use our experience and remain committed to providing customers with excellent customer service and support.

For any additional questions you may have, please feel free to reach out directly to your business point of contact.

Greg Collins

President, Process Technologies Group

[email protected]