Saving Brewers Capital Costs while Keeping Beer Consistent and Shelf-Stable



Waco Filters partnered with one of the world’s largest brewers for an output expansion initially the brewer was concerned they would have to make a significant capital investment in adding a flash pasteurization process to ensure beer freshness. However, Waco filters identified an alternative solution using pleated micro glass filter cartridges from Global Filter. Saving the brewer money without impacting the beers’ appearance or taste.

The Challenge

Waco Filters customer, one of the world’s largest brewers was considering an output expansion and was looking for technologies to maximize beer freshness. The brewer wanted to avoid the expensive capital costs of adding flash pasteurization to remove microbial contaminants. This is critical to stabilizing the beer and increasing its shelf life while maintaining flavor. Their current process was not consistently effective and with this expansion, they were open to making changes.

The Solution

Waco Filters partnered with the brewer to run side-stream trials with Global Filter’s micro glass pleated Filters (FG-Series). The brewer ran a range of retention efficiencies in these trials to determine which retention efficiency provides optimal performance with service life, microbial retention, and cost. These trials aimed to determine if this was a viable option instead of implementing costly flash pasteurization.

The Result

The trial resulted in the selection of Global Filter’s 0.45-micron borosilicate glass microfiber pleated depth filter cartridge. After 6 months of active use, the bottler was pleased with the performance and documented the management of change. Today, the brewer consistently meets or exceeds product quality standards and customer needs. The filter passed rigorous taste testing impact, improved the quality of the beer, and saved the brewer money.

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