Micropak Disposable Module 
Purolator's Micropak disposable module features a lightweight, low profile disposable module constructed out of anodized aluminum on the filter cell side, with a mill finish aluminum plenum back.[view]
Pureflo Fan Powered FPM Series 
Flanders/Precisionaire Pureflo-FPM Fan-Powered Terminal HEPA filter modules are lightweight unitized low profile units consisting of a fan/motor assembly and a minipleat HEPA filter pack.[view]
Pureflo TH Series 
Flanders/Precisionaire Pureflo TH HEPA filter modules are lightweight unitized low profile disposable ducted supply modules with available in efficiencies of 99.99% on 0.30 um or 99.99999% on 0.12 um particle size. [view]
Sentinel Fan Module 
Filtration Group's - Sentinel fan power module Reduced energy consumption due to low filter pressure drop combined with unique unit design.[view]
Ultrastar Panel 
Filtration Group's - Ultrastart panels come in 99.99% (HEPA) minimum removal on 0.3µm efficiency 99.9995% (ULPA) minimum removal on 0.12µm efficiency in 2.0" and 2.5" mini-pleat media packs[view]
Ultrastar Replaceable 
Filtration Group's - Anodized extruded aluminum frame with galvanized hood Gel sealant ensures a leak free, uniform seal.[view]
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