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Alpha B1 HEPA Holding Frames 
Flanders/Precisionaire Alpha B-1 frames are permanent holding frames for field or OEM assembly of built-up HEPA/ULPA filter banks. [view]
Frames and Clips 
Purolator's PURO Frame holding frame is a 3", 16-guage galvanized steel ASHRAE holding frame that can be used to hold filters individually or be used in multiple banks. [view]
HEPA Holding Frame 
Purolator's PURO Frame HEPA holding frame is a 16-gauge galvanized steel HEPA holding frame that can be used to hold filters individually, or be used in multiple banks.[view]
HEPA Holding Frame and Pre Filter 
Purolator’s PURO Frame II is a unique holding frame that can hold a HEPA and a pleated filter together for front load access. All filters are held in place with individual clips to accommodate a 5-7/8” HEPA filter or an 11-1/2” HEPA filter frame ... [view]
HEPA Side Access Housing 
Purolator's HEPA side access housings are designed to allow easy access and removal of all pre- and final-filters.[view]
Holding Frames & Clips 
Flanders/Precisionaire Type 9 holding frames are used to construct built-up filter banks for upstream or downstream access using ASHRAE rated filters.[view]
Puro Seal FBA 
Purolator's ASHRAE PURO Seal FBA filter housing is a single stage unit for 2", 4", 6" or 12" medium or high efficiency extended surface, final filter products.[view]
Surelock-B HEPA Housing 
Flanders/Precisionaire Surelock-B side access HEPA filter housings are designed to accept all gasket-seal HEPA filters.[view]
Sureseal Housing 
Flanders/Precisionaire Sureseal side access filter housings are two-stage units designed to accommodate ASHRAE - rated filters 6 in. to 36 in. in depth.[view]
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