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Alpha 2000 
Flanders Alpha 2000 is a high capacity HEPA filter that is designed for optimum performance and low operating costs in both new and replacement systems.[view]
Alpha 95 
Flanders Alpha 95 filters are designed for use in HVAC applications requiring cleaner air than is possible with ASHRAE rated filters, but where HEPA filtered air is not required.[view]
Alpha Cell 
Flanders Alpha Cell HEPA filter will meet the needs of criti­cal applications where HEPA filtration is required. Individual testing, rigid quality control and modern assembly methods are used to ensure confor­mance.[view]
Filtration Group's - HEPA standard and high capacity, rugged construction, galvanized steel is standard other materials are available.[view]
Filtration Group's - Higher rated air flows with 1" w.g. initial resistance @ 2200 cfm and extended service life due to large filter media area (430 square feet).[view]
HEPA M-Series 
Filtration Group's - M-Series HEPA standard and high capacity styles available with advanced mini-pleat pack for optimum air flow and light weight design.[view]
Super-Flow® 24 
Flanders Super-Flow®24 is a V-bed HEPA filter (99.99% at 0.30 micrometer) specifically designed for high airflow applications requiring HEPA efficiency at an ultra low-pressure drop.[view]
Ultra Cell 
Purolator’s ULTRA-CELL is a high efficiency aluminum separator style HEPA filter designed for applications where increased air velocity is present and lower pressure drops are required.[view]
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