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Carbon Trays 
Purolator's refillable carbon trays provide dual filtration of particulate and odor adsorption.  They are available for vapor or liquid phase filtration.[view]
FCP Carbon Pleat 
Flanders/Precisionaire FCP Series adsorbers are designed for removal of malodorous compounds at low concentration levels.[view]
HE40 CB 
Purolator's Hi-E 40™ CB pleated filter promotes improved indoor air quality through odor control.[view]
HEGA Dual Pak 
Filtration Group's - Advanced pleat geometry for even dust loading and maximum service life MERV 14 and MERV 11 models available.[view]
HS 2000S Carbon System 
Hydrosil's HS2000S front access housing constructed of 14 gauge steel with flush mitered and welded corners.[view]
Purolator's PURO-CELL filter is a rigid box-type filter engineered to provide medium and high efficiency filtration combined with odor control.[view]
Series 550 Carbon Pleat 
Filtration Group's - Series 550 odor removal pleat provides Effective gas phase filtration for common applications.[view]
Superflow-VC Carbon Adsorber 
Flanders/Precisionaire Superflow-VC disposable activated carbon adsorbers are designed for gaseous contamination control in both new and existing HVAC systems.[view]
Vaporclean Carbon Pleat 
Flanders/Precisionaire Vaporclean adsorbers are designed for removal of molecular contaminants at low concentration levels while utilizing the proven technology of dry processed carbon composite media.[view]
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