Accordian Style Elements 
Shawndra's accordion style filter elements have no rigid center core, and are stretched to fit over a fixed perforated center tube of the filter housing.[view]
Air Intake Housings and Elements 
Sparks™ Economy air intake filters & tank vents, closely match competitive OEM equipment at significantly lower prices. [view]
Air/Oil Separators 
Keltec's pleated air-oil filter separates oil contaminant from air flow at twice the rate of non pleated filters.[view]
Compressed Air Elements 
Filtersoft utilizes patented filter media for coalescing, particulate, vacuum mist elimination and adsorption applications.[view]
Compressed Air Housings & Elements 
Parker/Finite has the right solution for most compressed air/gas filtration applications.[view]
Jonell - Gas Depth Coalescing Elements are available in a wide variety of materials [view]
Jonell - depth style filter elements are specifically designed for gas filtration.[view]
Molded Rubber End Elements 
Shawndra manufactures a broad range of sizes …Overall heights to 40", outside diameters to 36", and inside diameters from 1" to 30".[view]
Sewn End Elements 
Shawndra’s filter elements have rugged metal baskets and hand sewn media that match a design proven for decades.[view]
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