We were able to find a liner source. Thanks very much to Waco for taking the time to help in this situation. Waco has again gone above and beyond. Even though you don't supply this item, you spent time and effort to help when we were with out options.

Thanks very much.

Mike Celestin

I wanted to get back to you with the benefits of the change we achieved after working with the WACO team on our dryer filter bags.  Two weeks ago we completed the 3 month inspection and found no issues with holes or bypass of the filters.  The reduced pressure drop has allowed us to complete our drying cycle in 3 minutes less per cycle which has contributed to increased production rate.  Here are the numbers associated with the change:

  • 118 # per year less solid waste (recovered product instead of waste) from efficiency increase
  • This recovered waste has an annual value equal to the bag cost so a 100% annual payback on the bags & cage cost ($1400)
  • Increase production benefit means $38,000 per year of additional sales capacity

Thanks for your help and keeping our company competitive and increasing our efficiency!

MRO Manager

Large Industrial Plastics Company