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The Purolator brand of HVAC filtration products is a subsidiary of CLARCOR Air Filtration Products, Inc. (CLC) which was founded in 1964. Purolator is highly regarded by its customers for high quality products and the best brand name recognition in the HVAC industry. Purolator products can be found everywhere, in retail outlets, commercial buildings, office complexes, industrial plants, healthcare facilities, schools, universities, and public and government buildings.

Purolator is committed to a continuing process of making its products even better. Recognizing that improved products, technology, customer service and rapid product delivery are the keys to the future, CLARCOR the parent company, recently announced a $26MM investment in Purolator. This capital investment will result in new automated production equipment and new manufacturing facilities to provide even stronger coverage across the United States. The expansion and automation project is being implemented over a three year period and will result in a company positioned to grow and expand with its customers.

The Waco - Purolator marketing partnership benefits the two companies and their customers.  By leveraging this relationship, Waco is able to meet its marketing objectives of timely delivery and reduced cost of filtration.  Purolator's green filtration products, Puro-Green and Dominator, enable Waco to assist its customers in achieving their environmental goals.

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Spotlight Product

The Dominator Series Manufactured by Purolator
One of the products featured by Waco is the Dominator Series manufactured by Purolator.The Dominator is a new generation of filters that feature high efficiency, low cost, and environmentally sensitive design. Key purchase influencers include:

Rigid Cell Design for Difficult Operating Conditions
Comprised of rigid cell design, all plastic components and synthetic media, Dominator filters are manufactured for the most rugged operating conditions, including variable air volume systems, high air flow, turbulence, repeated fan shut down, high moisture, and some chemical or corrosive conditions. These filters are designed for demanding installations.

Full Media Exposure Produces High Dust Holding Capacity
The Channel-Flow molded media design not only produces low resistance, it also allows the media to be completely exposed to dirt laden air. Dirt loads evenly over every square foot of the filter surface area for maximum dust holding capacity as well as long service life.

Channel-Flow Molded Media Produces Lowest Resistance
Dominator media is molded into a series of channels that direct the air smoothly through the filter and maximizes energy savings. This unique patented process results in the lowest resistance of any high efficiency filter on the market.

All Plastic Construction
The cell sides are made of high strength, high impact polystyrene plastic. They are moisture, chemical and corrosion resistant. Dominator filters are made with Dura-Tuff synthetic media. It is extremely durable, resists tearing, abrasion and is highly damage resistant. Dominator filters contain no metal components - no rust, no corrosion. The elimination of metal also makes these filters completely incinerable and light weight. Eliminating metal and using synthetic media, Purolator has produced a filter that is perfect for the customers concerned with LEED certification points.

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