National Accounts
80% of the time spent by Procurement Departments to acquire MRO products typically represents only 20% of a company's total purchases. Large process companies often acquire filters from over 200 suppliers making it nearly impossible to leverage their filtration spend in order to achieve cost of filtration reductions, superior service levels and standardization.

The filter industry is fractured with many small companies producing a broad array of products. The challenge Procurement is large companies is to find a supplier  that can manage sites from coast to coast and is a true one stop shop for all filter solutions

The Waco National Accounts Program was developed to serve the process, pharmaceutical, power and refining industries with sites spread over a large geographic region. We provide a single source for all filtration needs allowing customers to consolidate vendors and leverage filtration spend. Waco will manage inventories, eliminate surplus, standardize products, help their customers achieve environmental objectives and guarantee cost of filtration savings year after year. 

Under the leadership of the VP of National Accounts, Waco undertakes the following steps to launch a new National Account:
  • Deploy a team of filtration specialists to the customer's sites
  • Within 90 days of launch, capture 80% or more of the filtration spend
  • Begin working on cost of filtration savings.

Waco's operations team work closely with the customer's storeroom to clean up product  databases, buy back inventory, reduce surplus, and set up consignment and back up stocking programs to meet the customer's delivery requirements and critical spares needs.

Waco filtration experts are experienced and knowledgeable with more than ten national agreements in place and over $1,750,000 in documented savings in the last 12 months.  Waco National Account customers can be confident of accomplishing filtration cost reduction objectives, improving efficiency and going green.