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Eradicating Molds, Bacteria, and Alergens Using Ultra Violet Light
UVC energy kills or inactivates microbes, eradicating surface and airborne mold, as well as viruses and bacteria. UVC is a type of ultraviolet energy in the 260-nanometer frequency. The "C" wavelength is the most germicidal in the UV spectrum. The "C" wavelength targets the DNA of microorganisms, causing cell death or making replication impossible. Installing a UVC emitter in an air circulation system eliminates mold and "slime" in a matter of days.  Less visible impacts include improving indoor air quality (IAQ), controlling infectious diseases, and eliminating viruses.

Installing UVC emitters generates the following benefits to a hospital, school or other facility that demands healthy, environmentally conducive rooms:

  • Clean coils on air conditioning and circulation systems
  • Clean air ducts
  • Lower maintenance requirements
  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Lower cost of operation, particularly energy cost to power HVAC systems
  • Reduced costs due to more efficient operations

Waco in Hospitals

The health care system presents a complex set of environments, with a multiplicity of demanding filtration requirements. Choosing the right filtration system is of critical importance. Waco has over 40 years experience dealing with the filtration requirements of hospitals, clinics, and other health related facilities.  The company has a wide variety of filtration products hospitals need to provide an environment that’s safer and healthier for both patients and hospital employees. Listed below are some of the unhealthful conditions which are addressed by Waco filters:

An operating room or laboratory may be loaded with bacteria even though they appear to be clean. The number of bacteria depends on several factors. Broadly speaking, any indoor space contains a concentration of airborne bacteria that results from the balance between the bacteria released by occupants and the rate of removal by the ventilation-filtration system.  If the hospital uses recirculating systems, bacteria must be removed before they reenter the hospital.

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